FENS 2022 plenary lecture: Learning with dendrites in brain and machines

Dr Poirazi recently represented Greece and IMBB-FORTH as a plenary speaker in FENS Forum 2022, the largest European Neuroscience meeting that took place this year in Paris . In her presentation, she discussed how computational modelling has helped us illuminate dendritic functions and their role in cognitive processes. She also presented the main findings of […]

Dendrites meet The Economist

How neurons really work is slowly being elucidated. That will help both Medicine and the search for better Artificial Intelligence. A recent article from The Economist lists our lab’s work among pioneering studies with far reaching implications in the fields of Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence!! For more information click here.

Join our team: Postdoc position available!!

We are pleased to announce that we looking for a talented and enthusiastic scientist to join our lab as a postdoctoral fellow. About the project The successful applicant will work on a multidisciplinary collaborative project aiming to determine the importance of cortical engram cells in memory formation and storage and probe the role of cortical […]

Υiota Poirazi’s latest interview in Neuron

Dr Yiota Poirazi reflects on this past year’s lessons and shares her not-so-direct trajectory in pursuit of her passion for neuroscience. Reminding us that science is a team game, she shares actionable steps to improve representation in science. Read more

A dendritic take on bio-inspired Artificial Neural Networks

Our new opinion article in Current Opinion in Neurobiology is out! Spiros Chavlis & Yiota Poirazi discuss how dendritic properties, namely their anatomy, nonlinear integration properties and plasticity can inspire new developments in deep learning algorithms and hardware implementations of spiking networks. Link to the paper.

Βραδιά Ερευνητή 2020

Σύντομη παρουσίαση της έρευνας που κάνουμε στο εργαστήριό μας για τη Βραδιά Ερευνητή 2020, που λόγω της Πανδημίας covid-19 δεν μπόρεσε να πραγματοποιηθεί στο ΙΤΕ. Ελπίζουμε να τα πούμε από κοντά το 2021 !!!

Aφιέρωμα του CNN Greece

Άρθρο – αφιέρωμα του CNN Greece στην ερευνητική πορεία της Δρ. Ποϊράζη και video της συνέντευξης της σχετικά με της δραστηριότητες του εργαστηρίου στο ΙΜΒΒ-ΙΤΕ.