FENS 2022 plenary lecture: Learning with dendrites in brain and machines

Dr Poirazi recently represented Greece and IMBB-FORTH as a plenary speaker in FENS Forum 2022, the largest European Neuroscience meeting that took place this year in Paris 🇫🇷. In her presentation, she discussed how computational modelling has helped us illuminate dendritic functions and their role in cognitive processes. She also presented the main findings of a number of projects in the lab dealing with: a) dendritic nonlinearities in excitatory and inhibitory neurons and their consequences on memory formation, b) the role of dendrites in solving nonlinear problems in human neurons, and c) recent efforts to adopt dendritic features in order to improve learning in artificial systems. Her one hour-long talk that addressed thousands of Neuroscientists from all over the world received enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive feedback. Hopefully she convinced many that dendrites are important for learning in biological and artificial brains and should be at the center of Neuroscience research!🧠