PhD Fellow and lab member, Alexandra Tzilivaki, is awarded with the “Maria Mihail Manassaki” scholarship

We are delighted to announce that Alexandra Tzilivaki has been awarded with the “Maria Mihail Manassaki” scholarship, based on her academic excellence as a postgraduate student of the Biology Department, University of Crete, during the 2016-2017 term. Alexandra has been distinguished over the years by her devotion, unchallenged motivation, and skillful diligence ever since joining our lab […]

Investing in Young Researchers, Shaping Europe’s Future

23 ERC grantee researchers, Dr. Poirazi included, 3 Nobel Laureates, and MEPs met at Strasbourg on 31 May to address current science policy issues and shape the future directions of European Research.         Read more details on the meeting at the below links:   FORTH News Announcement in Greek European Parliament Press Release

Alexandra Tzilivaki was selected as Next Generation Woman Leader by McKinsey and Company

Alexandra Tzilivaki, PhD candidate at Charite Medical School Berlin and IMBB FORTH, was recently appointed as Next Generation Woman Leader by McKinsey & Company. Her application was screened by McKinsey based on academic excellence, work experience, extracurricular activities and leadership profile. Mckinsey & Company selected young female academics (under 38 years old) from worldwide with strong problem-solving […]

Our publication in Nature Communications is recommended by F1000 for its special significance in the field

Dr. Polleux, Prof. of Neuroscience at Columbia University, recommended our publication: Frank, et al., (2018). Hotspots of dendritic spine turnover facilitate clustered spine addition and learning and memory. Nature communications. on F1000Prime as being of special significance in its field. Dr. Polleux’s recommendation comment: “In their study, Frank and collaborators used state-of-the art imaging techniques to relate the structural phenomenon of spine turnover […]

IMBB and UCLA researchers show how synaptic turnover facilitates learning and memory

The laboratory of Dr. Alcino Silva at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) joined forces with the lab of Dr. Poirazi at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB) of FORTH in order to explain why the “banding together” of synapses in dendrites relates to better learning and memory. The work is published in the scientific journal Nature Communications, and […]

Dr. Poirazi, IMBB-FORTH researcher, elected as a member of EMBO

Dr. Poirazi joins 65 other outstanding researchers who have been newly-elected to the organisation which promotes excellence in the life sciences. There are currently 1700 EMBO members and more than 59 Nobel laureates amongst the membership. The goals of EMBO are to support talented researchers at all stages of their careers and help build a […]

The perfect grant and how to get it

Nature journal just published an opinion article authored by Dr. Poirazi on the hassles of financial support in academia and the pursuit of ideal grant schemes. Special thanks to Dr. Tim Vogels, University of Oxford, Dr. Matthew Grubb, King College London, and Dr. Carlos Ribeiro, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, who jointly helped with the co-ordination of the reported survey.

IMBB researchers probe the role of dendrites in memory storage in the brain

Research at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in collaboration with Columbia University published in the scientific journal Neuron reveals the role of mossy cells in environment discrimination in awake, behaving animals. Researchers combined experimental with computational methods in order to study the function of these excitatory cells. Hippocampus is a key brain area involved in memory formation, […]