Join our team: PhD / Postdoc position available!!

We are pleased to announce that we looking for a talented and enthusiastic scientist to join the Laboratory of Dr. Panayiota Poirazi at IMBB-FORTH as a postdoctoral fellow or as a PhD student.

About the project
The successful applicant will work on a multidisciplinary collaborative project aiming to determine the importance of cortical engram cells in memory formation and storage and probe the role of cortical memory engrams in the generation and retrieval of a sensory-based memory. The project as a whole combines computational modeling, electrophysiology, calcium imaging techniques, and molecular and behavioral experiments. First, the biophysical properties of engrams will be identified in a cortical area of interest, and their functional role will be unraveled in vivo. Then, computational modeling will be used to determine the role of engram cells during memory recall. This project is a collaboration between the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Melbourne, Australia (Prof. L. Palmer), and the University of Dublin, Ireland (Prof. T. Ryan). The successful applicant will work on 1) behavioral and 2-photon imaging experiments in behaving mice and/or 2) help extend a computational circuit model (Kastellakis et al., Cell Reports, 2016) to dissect the role of subcellular mechanisms in cortical engram formation. The model will simulate the recorded cortical engrams in specific areas (auditory / prefrontal cortex).

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