Short-term project available for students with skills in Python

Short Project Announcement

Our lab is looking for a motivated student that can help us port a MATLAB based Bpod project to Python. The project is in collaboration with members (Hatem Oraby) of Prof. Larkum lab in Berlin.

Project Description:

Bpod, an open-source software & hardware coupled platform used for designing behavioral experiments in rodents, is currently one of the most dominant solutions in neuroscience. The platform provides a set of simple, yet powerful, API functions that enables the experimenter to have a fine control over their experiment design. The API backends are available in both MATLAB and Python.

The project goal is to port a MATLAB based Bpod project to Python. This includes:
- Porting API function calls and application main logic.
- Live plotting of animal behavior performance (Matplotlib).
- Porting GUI forms used for updating experiment configurations (PyQT or Tkinter).
- Rendering visual stimuli on screen (PsychoPy).
- Writing cohesive maintainable code that utilizes Python idiomatic style and

Required skills

- Good knowledge of Python.
- Familiarity with MATLAB is preferred but not required.
- Ability to read other users code, as well as  readiness to post questions on forums.
- Basic knowledge with Matplotlib or PyQT is preferred but not required.
- Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming.
- Ability to work with git.

The student will be remotely co-supervised by a researcher that has a software-engineering professional background (in the lab of Matthew Larkum in Berlin).  The resulting work is planned to be released publicly, but at a likely later date.


Project Duration: 2 - 3 months

Contact: If interested please send your CV by email to Dr. Yiota Poirazi,