DENDRITES 2014, July 2014

In July 2014 we organize DENDRITES2014 , a scientific meeting dedicated to our favorite research topic! This is the FIRST conference organized in Greece in the DENDRITES field. We have succeeded in attracting renown speakers from around the globe, like

Susumu Tonegawa, MIT (Nobel Laureate),
Michael Hausser, UCL (one of the founders of dendrites research),
Alcino J. Silva, UCLA (founder of the Cellular and Molecular Cognition field)
Julietta Frey, Georgia Regents University (co-founder of the Synaptic Capture and Tagging Hypothesis)

and many more.

The success of this meeting, and its establishment as a regular event taking place at FORTH,  lies heavily on our ability to attract funding. Thus, we are actively looking for sponsors. For more information, please read our sponsorship letter to learn more about this and the benefits we offer to sponsors.

We are grateful for your help!